Celebrating my 50th AmericanRevolutionPhotos.com blog, which is my 51st

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Why am I celebrating my 50th blog with my 51st? Because I had posted part 2 of my fantastic interview with Noah "Ned Hestor" Lewis last month, his comments were too much for one blog. But now, I get to reflect on achieving 50 blogs. 

My first blog doesn't at all resemble the format I use now. The layout, font, etc., are different. In my four-plus years writing this monthly blog, I've conducted interviews, visited historical sites, discussed many of my photos, reviewed many reenactment events, and even described a reenactment wedding I photographed in KY. Fun, fun, fun!

I remember my first blog interviewing David Hospador in June 2018. Wow-that time went by quickly. My first thought was to interview him at the Battle of Monmouth event. I bought a recorder to record the interview. He suggested reviewing the questions at home, where he had more time to think of his responses. Great idea! I have continued this technique with all my other blog interviews.

What photos do I include in this blog? I've already discussed so many of my best images before, so which ones? Then I realized some of my photos are unique. 

This one with the reflection of the Delaware River in George Washington's spyglass is a good example. In blog #24, I reviewed this photo and the one with the black powder poured from the cartridge into the flash pan.  Again both, one of a kind. This photo was from Germantown in 2012. I discussed it in blog #26. It became one of my first good and unique reenactment photos. I have many pan-firing photos, but none like this, with metal-looking slivers flying everywhere. When first posting this photo, I had no idea how rare this particular photo is!

Over three years ago, I had the honor to photograph a reenactment wedding in Louisville, KY. I describe my KY trip in blogs #s 11, 12, and 13. What a wonderful experience that was. Plus, the day before the wedding, I was able to visit a replica of Fort Boonesborough, a frontier fort founded by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775. As a child, my favorite TV show was Daniel Boone starring Fess Parker. Are you old enough to remember that show?

And lastly, one of my recently taken photos that, for me, resembles an actual war photo. In blog #41, Chadds Ford 2021, I discuss this photo. Through creative manipulation, I created one of my more powerful photos. Every time I see it, I get a different reaction.

I'm preparing for my next milestone, blog # 100. I hope to have at least five new, unique, never seen images to showcase!
Thank you for reading! Blog # 52 will be posted in October 2022. Be safe & well!

Ken Bohrer




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