Locust Grove Encampment & Wedding/Reception

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In last month's Reenactment Wedding blog post I shared my excitement in photographing a reenactment wedding in KY. For this blog, I'll recap that special day.

I arrived at Locust Grove, the 55-acre 18th century restored farm site, around 9 am on a beautiful spring morning. Many of the reenactors were still setting-up; so I met with them & walked the grounds and outbuildings. Others were preparing breakfast.

The Locust Grove Revolutionary War Encampment is an annual event. The bride and groom met here a few years ago. These reenactors are part of The North West Territory Alliance (NWTA). This is an American Revolutionary War reenactment organization located in the Midwest. 

The day was for the public to meet & greet with the soldiers and camp followers. Later in the day, there was a solemn salute at the cemetery for the Locust Grove descendants and a tribute for a recent reenactor's death.  In the late afternoon was a small tactical demonstration.

Below is Lieutenant Greg Hudson (groom) of the Illinois Regiment of the Virginian State line.

The weather was perfect ...until about 2 hours before the wedding. Later in the afternoon, it got cloudy and then a light shower started. The ceremony was delayed for almost an hour. The wedding commenced Around 5:30 pm outside in front of the house.

The beautiful bride and her parents!

The wedding Ceremony.

The bride/groom plus bridesmaids/groomsmen and their children.

Outside reception & wedding cake.

And of course some dancing after dinner!


Thanks for reading! Blog # 14 will be posted in August 2019.


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