My Camera Gear and Accessories Part 1 of 2

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At the end of last month's blog, I mentioned having cataract surgery in both eyes. My surgeries went perfectly! The clarity and vibrancy of the colors I see now are spectacular. I learned that cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. 

I'm able to capture some unique photos because of my photography gear and equipment. This photo of me from a photo friend is a perfect example. I'm getting ready to photograph something special at a Washington Crossing event. For this month's blog, I thought it would be fun to focus on my gear. Next month, I'll discuss my cameras, lens, and accessories.

When attending reenactment events, I always try to have 4 items. I'm always wearing a hat, most often my Ft Ticonderoga baseball cap. I bought it many years ago when I was still shooting film! It looks good, feels comfortable, and it shows my interest in the landmark fort. Another item I usually wear is a photo vest.

I get asked all the time where I bought mine. Over twenty years ago, my mom bought it for me as a birthday gift.  She's deceased now, so I think of her every time I wear it!

The company, Domke, stopped making them? I wonder why? The vest holds a lot of stuff, so much that sometimes I forget what pocket (10 of them) I placed something. I'm constantly patting myself to find something, usually my car keys. It's now starting to fray, but I'll always keep it. One item I always carry in the vest, knee pads.

I purchased them at Home Depot for around $15. By being low allows me different angles and perspectives. This house photo from the reenactment event I photographed a few years ago, at Locust Grove in Louisville, KY is a perfect example. It's more prominent by me being crouched and shooting upwards. My last item is my footwear, always hiking shoes. Or what my young son refers to as my photo shoes.

For foot stability, I won't attend an event without them, even during the summer. A funny situation happened at the reenactment wedding two years ago. While photographing the campsites, my left shoe disintegrated, just fell apart. I had no choice that day. On came my sneakers. Quite weird! 

At every event, I'll have a camera backpack bag on my back. Here is my batch, and I have many. All are the same brand, Tamrac. Why? Not sure. They are all  sturdy, reliable bags at an excellent price.

I decide before each event what bag would be best for that event. My favorite is the orange one. It holds a lot of gear and accessories. Perfect for a busy reenactment day.

I use a rain cover from Aqua-Tech Sports Shield to protect my camera/lens in the rain or snow. It can be hard to attach, but it is the best & most reliable way to keep my equipment safe from the elements. I needed this protection from the snow/ice/wind in the photo below during a heavy snowstorm at Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA.

When it's cold and snowing, I'll wear my NY Islanders knit cap instead of my Ft. Ticonderoga baseball cap to keep my head warm. You now know my hockey team and where I'm originally from! Go Islanders.

Thank you for reading. Blog # 40 will be posted in October 2021. Be safe & well and get vaccinated!

Ken Bohrer





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