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February 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A first for this blog, none of the photos were taken by me at a reenactment. Instead, they are recent photos of me from my photo friends.

One of the many great reasons for me photographing American Revolution reenactments is developing friendships with reenactors and fellow photographers who all have similar interests. To have fun, we photographers regularly like to photograph each other and then share. We generally do this for 2 reasons. The first is to show us in action, like the photos below.

The other is when we're waiting for the action to start. We're bored! At each reenactment event, there is a prime location to photograph. So we have to claim our spot early so that means we have to wait...and wait some more. These images show the boredom...and that I'm getting older.

Photo of me in action by fellow photographer Al Pochek! Obviously waiting for the right shot.

The photo below shows us waiting and chatting!

Sometimes we're not the subject; we're in the background.

I appreciate my photo friends. When we're together we talk shop. Either it's about what our cameras are doing/not doing something or where would be the best location to photograph.

Thanks to them for wonderful times!

Thanks for reading. Blog # 21 will be posted in March 2020.

Ken Bohrer


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