American Revolution Photos-2019 Recap

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For this blog, I'm going to review and comment on the 9 American Revolution reenactments I've photographed in 2019, visiting a historic site and participating in a reenactment wedding. It's been quite an exciting year! 

As a photographer, our goal is to try to make our photos interesting & unique. After reviewing last year's portfolio I incorporated more new ideas & techniques into my photography. Many more images now have blur, motion, combining photos together, panoramas & an occasional video than in previous years. Also, my photos weren't all posted 8 x 12.

This is my favorite image of 2019, photographed at Washington's Crossing practice event. It's George Washington, viewing the Delaware River through his spyglass. I believe the reflection is what makes this photo so special.

For me, having motion & blur in a photo enhances it further. Here are 2 examples from the Battle of Germantown reenactment.

The photo below from the Battle of Newtown reenactment was not planned. As I was reviewing my photos I noticed unconsciously photographing both sides of this reenactor's war-painted face. Combing these 2 photos together is a stronger image than separately. Photographers are lucky sometimes too!

I enjoy incorporating panoramas in my galleries. They provide a broad perspective of the event & scene. Usually, I'll stitch between 3-5 photos together in photoshop. Below is from Ft Mifflin. It shows the size & scope of this magnificent historical fort.

The highlight of the year was visiting the Fort Boonesborough replica site & photographing the reenactment wedding in KY.

I added a few more videos than in previous years. This is an area I need to develop further. A video provides a quick overview of a reenactment, especially a battle. Here is an example from the Battle of Germantown.

After reviewing my portfolio from last year I'm pleased. I experimented and tried new techniques that overall has made my photography better. Looking forward to 2020. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite photos of 2019.

Thanks for reading. Blog # 20will be posted in February 2020.

Ken Bohrer


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