American Revolution Photos-2021 Recap

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In blog # 19 (January 2020), I started a new, hopefully, recurring ritual. I recapped my American Revolution reenactment calendar year. My goal was to review my reenactment photography every January. But, because of COVID, this wasn't possible in 2020. There were no reenactments. Thankfully, because the pandemic had eased steadily, more events were held in 2021. Yeah!  So for this blog, I'll recap my 2021 reenactment season. And, I'll start a new inaugural tradition by choosing my favorite photo of the year!

This panorama inside Ft Mifflin during the recent Seige Weekend is the one I chose! I awarded myself a first place blue ribbon! In blog # 19, I featured another Ft Mifflin panorama. This time it, was the back of the fort near the Delaware River.

How did I create this one? I stitched ten photos together in Adobe Photoshop. I stood on the highest mound with an excellent view of the compound. My waist and legs were still and, I twisted 180 degrees left to right. Every few seconds would stop, shoot another shot, always trying to remain level. I tried this technique a few times. If you have program that can make panoramas, try to create one. It's fun.

This one was the best of the bunch. The clouds look great, the Delaware River is viewable in the top left corner, and the Philly skyline appears slightly in the top right corner! It's visible but, you need to look closely.

Plus, something significant happened to me this summer. My eyesight wasn't good. I needed cataract surgery in both eyes. The left eye was done in July (outpatient surgery) and, two weeks later, the right eye. Wow- seeing everything in focus again is incredible.

Mt. Vernon, George Washington's estate, nestled on the Potomac River, was my first reenactment of the year, held in May. I've been here a few times. It's a memorable mansion with numerous additional buildings and speculator landscaping. Slave labor built this plantation; let's not forget that.

In blogs #36 & #37, I review my trip. I didn't take many photos during this visit. I preferred to walk the grounds; it was a beautiful day.
Another event I wrote a blog about #38 was the Jacobsburg Historical Society-Revolutionary War Weekend held in late May. It was my first time attending. I had a difficult time photographing because my vision was awful. But, I was able to capture some good photos. Near the end of the event, the American troops depicted a deserter on trial. The reenactors enjoy adding these sketches to the event schedule.


In September, there was a new event, Battle at Chadds Ford blog # 41, to  commemorate the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. A festival event with many family activities. Always feels great to capture a good volley firing!

The Revolutionary Germantown Festival & Ft Mifflin are the two reenactment events I've attended the most often over the years. Both are close to my home. 

What makes my photos different at Cliveden from the other events is the many trees located around the house. The beams of sunlight shine sporadic light through from the musket volleys. It's a distinctive, very cool effect!  Every year at a Germantown reenactment, this happens like this photo.

Another event I attend almost every year is Washington's Crossing. They have two crossings. The practice one, about two weeks before the main event on Christmas Day. And the big one, on Christmas Day. Many families make this part of their annual Christmas celebration. 
This event was significant in the outcome of the American Revolution.  If George Washington & his troops failed in crossing the Delaware River and defeating the Hessians at Trenton, the American Independence cause was lost.

This event has so much significance. I met a photographer from CA working for a photo agency who had on his "bucket list" to attend this event. He wasn't disappointed. Later, he e-mailed me and said one of his photos was selected. Funny, the client is from London, England! I chuckled when reading this.

Thank you for reading! Happy New Year! Blog # 44 will be posted in February 2022. Be safe & well & please get the booster shot.

Ken Bohrer




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