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In my June Reenactment Wedding & July Locust Grove Encampment & Wedding/Reception blogs I described the American Revolution reenactment wedding that I was privileged to photograph in late April at Locust Grove in Louisville, KY. It was a fantastic experience to be part of Bryn Kelley's and Greg Hudson's special day!


I had asked Bryn to be interviewed for a future blog before the wedding. She gladly accepted. I knew this event would make for a great interview.

Interview with Bride Bryn Kelley-


1) How long have you & your husband become active in American Revolution reenacting?

We have 38 years combined experience. My husband was born into the hobby, so he has been doing this for 31 years. I, on the other hand, have been reenacting for about 7 years.

2) How many events do you attend yearly? Do you have a favorite?

We typically attend seven or eight events a year. One of our favorites is definitely the Spring Encampment at Locust Grove, where we were married this year; another favorite is the Vermillion Valley Encampment at Forest Glen Nature Preserve in Illinois.

3) When did you decide to have a reenactment wedding?

From the minute we knew we were getting married we knew it would be a reenactment wedding, it just seemed perfect. Reenacting is how we met and has been important in many big steps in our relationship.

The beautiful bride on her day.

4) What was your families & friends reaction to this idea?

Admittely, most of our friends who were not reenactors were a little confused. Once we explained it, they thought it was really unique and exciting. Our friends who do reenact were very excited to see what we were going to do with our wedding. Our family thought it was a lot of fun and enjoyed putting together their outfits.

5) How long did the wedding preparation take?

The wedding planning took roughly 14 months.

Proud Father-Law!


1) How was your wedding day?

It was wonderful and exhausting. It meant so much to have people there who love us.

2) Did everything go as planned?

While weddings never go as planned and it rained, it all made for fond memories

3) Would you have planned anything differently?

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cutting the Wedding Cake.

4) What was overall reaction afterwards from your family/attendees?

Everyone was tired but had a really good time, they were all very happy for us and excited that they got to partake in the celebration.

5) If another couple was planning a reenactment wedding what advice would you give?

Hire a day of coordinator that is not family. We didn’t and it would have been nice to have.

The Wedding Ceremony.

Thanks for reading. Blog # 16 will be posted in October 2019.


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This is truly beautiful! It's a Reenactment Wedding. God bless you two and congratulations!
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