Attending the Battle of Newtown Reenactment again

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I haven't attended the Battle of Newtown reenactment in Elmira, NY since 2010. Hard to believe it's been that long! One reason is that the event hasn't been held in years. So I was excited to attend again the weekend of August 24 & 25. My photo galleries from my 2 previous Newtown events in 2010 and 2009 have accumulated the second & fourth most number of web site visitors on my site American!


This event is to commemorate General John Sullivan's major battle victory over British Loyalists/Six Nations tribes, as part of the Sullivan Expedition, in August 1779. This campaign was ordered by George Washington to destroy towns & crops of the Six Nations that were terrorizing settlers in upstate New York & western Pennsylvania regions.

My GPS stated it would take 3 1/2 hours to drive from Media, PA to Newtown. I left early, around 6:45 am., selecting the major highways to save time. Unfortunately, this was the wrong choice! Highway 81 was closed about 25 miles from Binghamton, NY. A tractor-trailer flipped over causing everyone to exit in a small rural town that became overwhelmed with traffic. I arrived in Newtown almost 2 hours late, after 12 pm.

For the afternoon I visited the American/British and Indian camps. Late in the day was a reenactment in the woods close to the Indian village. But it was difficult to get many good photos with the reenactors skirmishing in the thick woods.

Around 4:00 pm I was tired; it had been a long day. I had researched what restaurant in the area to eat and chose one off the beaten path, the Maple Lawn Dairy Restaurant. It was a pleasant meal and the waitress provided me with directions to my hotel. I now try to eat at local restaurants on my photo trips. When I arrived at the hotel I crashed.

I was up early on Sunday morning. Had breakfast and arrived at Newtown around 8:30 am. When I first arrived the fog covered the area.

After taking the photo above I noticed 2 reenactors near the Newtown Battlefield Monument. Knew it would make a good photograph.

Early in the morning was the church service.  For Sunday reenactment events I'll try to attend. It's good for the soul.
Later in the morning was a new British soldier induction ceremony. Best wishes!
My favorite event was the woods walk. Continental soldiers escorting refugees through enemy territory.

Late in the day was the reenactment battle. It was fun because the action was nonstop; on both sides of the road.

Need to be careful in the woods!

Thanks for reading. Blog # 17 will be posted in November 2019.


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