Visiting the Museum of the American Revolution (MAR) in Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia region has access to many museums and historical sites, especially in Center City. The Museum of the American Revolution (MAR) opened in April 2017 and I haven't visited yet. So a few weeks ago, on a beautiful Sunday morning, I packed my lunch and took the SEPTA train from the suburbs to the city.

The train ride was about 30 minutes. At the last stop, I had to walk about another 10 blocks to the museum. The MAR is located 3rd Street and Chestnut only a few blocks away from Independence Hall, The National Constitution Center and other great museums in the area. Years ago this was where the old Independence Hall Visitor's Center was located.

After obtaining my ticket I stayed on the ground floor and immediately headed for the Gift Shop. Browsing, I started mentally compiling a list of books to add to my reading list.  Directly across from the Gift Shop was the Patriot’s Gallery.

It was set-up as a child's playroom. I noticed adults and their kids playing dress up in colonial clothes &  pretending to be soldiers with wooden toy muskets. Other children were involved in arts and crafts such as making a paper replica of Washington’s Tent.

Although I had already had lunch I visited the Cross Keys Cafe. What a great place to relax and get a quick snack. Next time I'll have lunch here. Then went to the Lenfest Myer Theater to view a short 15-minute orientation film about the American Revolution.

When you climb the spiral staircase to the 2nd floor you notice huge paintings showing Washington's Crossing, Valley Forge and the surrender at Yorktown. As you enter the exhibits you immediately view a large mural of protesters tearing down King George's III statue in NYC.

The museum is comprised of 4 main themes, Becoming Revolutionaries, The Darkest Hour, A Revolutionary War and A New Nation. Today my focus was to get an overview of the museum so I didn't stay in one spot too long.

The more I continually learn about the American Revolution has made me appreciate, on both sides, the dedication and sacrifices that were made by all involved. I'm in awe of their fortitude and courage!

Definitely, the highlight was seeing George Washington's sleeping & war tent used during the war. In the small theater, there is a short film describing how the tent was used and what happened to it after the war. Interesting story. Then slowly a curtain rises and you see the tent. It made me think of the hardships and ordeals Washington had to endure in this 8-year war.

Soon I'll visit again and spend more time in each of the exhibits.  Here is the MAR's website https:/ I also want to visit The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown in VA Funny how both museums opened about the same time.

Thanks for reading! Blog # 5 will be posted in November 2018 featuring an interview with Paul Loane.




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