American Revolution Photos-2023 Recap

December 31, 2023  •  1 Comment

The influential photographer Ansel Adams said, "Twelve significant photos in any year is a good crop." For my 2023 photo recap, I'm selecting five of my favorites. Did I achieve the twelve significant photos for the year like Ansel Adams? Maybe? I chose from nine events last year and over 450 posted photos. This time, I didn't choose my overall favorite. I like all of them wholly for different reasons.

When photographing a person, you're always looking for human emotion. This photo from the 1777 Whitemarsh encampment does just that. You can feel his frustration as he attempts to fix his rifle. We can all relate to being just like this moment when we're doing something that isn't working just right! Ah, we do try!

My favorite photo of 2022 is similar to this one. It's from the Battle of Monmouth and has three British soldiers standing in a line, with one pondering about something. This photo again has three British soldiers, and they appear to be nothing special until you look closely at the placement of the three tin canteens. At the top left, the first soldier is starting to sip from his, the second is swallowing, and the third is putting the plug back in the canteen-just a perfect sequence. I couldn't have planned this!

Some photos make you smile, and this is one of them for me. It's from the recent Revolutionary Germantown Festival. I noticed this man with the three-corned colonial hat holding this adorable baby girl and asked if I could take their photo; he graciously said yes. It was my first shot of the day. Sometimes, that one is the best overall.

For the last few years, Ft Mifflin has offered, as part of siege weekend, the opportunity to cruise the Delaware River around the fort with Gloucester City’s Tall Ship, the Schooner North Wind. For this photo and two others of the same ship, #7, #8, and #9 in this photo gallery, I used On-1 software to create an old, period type photo by adding a canvas filter that makes the image resemble a painting. Just perfect!

Here is a simple but interesting photo from the Battle of Monmouth 20233 event. It follows numerous photography composition rules, such as not having the subject in the center of the frame, leading lines, and shallow depth of field. One rule I didn't follow was having my topic on the left side of the frame. It's okay because you notice the out-of-focus soldiers first, leading to the subject. It works.

Thank you for reading! Blog # 68 will be posted in February 2024.  Be safe & well, and Happy New Year!

I learned that reenactor/sutler Ted Hueskin passed away in November. I've known him and his wife, Sue, for over ten years, and at every event, we would say hello and chat for a few minutes. Wonderful guy! I have many photos of him over the years, including this one from the 2022 Washington's Crossing event, where he was one of Washington's lifeguards. He's the soldier at the left holding his musket with his left hand. RIP Ted!

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Ron Mehalko - Revolution Wear(non-registered)
Ken always does a professional job with all his photos and is never difficult to pick a favorite. Mine is the last one with the soldiers out of focus in the background. Ted had several health issues but from what I saw he always participated in some way.
Thanks Ken.
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