Discover History Everywhere-Korea 2023 Part 2 of 2

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In last month's blog, I described my summer family trip to Korea at the historic Jeju Folk Village (Jeju Minsokchon) on Juju Island, off the southern tip of the mainland. For this blog, I'll describe the largest of four historical villages in the Seoul suburbs, Korean Folk Village.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the country's largest city, with a population of nearly ten million people. There is much to see and do in this safe, clean, progressive city. I wanted to learn more about Seoul's historical past.

We visited on a sunny, hot, humid weekday. There were few visitors that day.

The Korean Folk Village has more activities like this traditional dance ensemble. This village was bigger and had more to see. As I described last month, my camera was my compact and light Panasonic/Lumix Mirrorless DMC-GF6 camera with a 14-42 mm lens.

As my family was walking the grounds, crossing over a small bridge above a gently meandering creek, I spotted this heron searching for a meal. I'm not a wildlife photographer, but I did spot an excellent photo opportunity. Then, all of a sudden, the bird went from fishing to ascending into the air as I took the shot. It was fun capturing this moment.

With few interpreters on the grounds, many sites had mannequins depicting everyday life. My educated guess is that this couple was not typical villagers.

 Here was a photo opportunity I couldn't pass up. Somebody in this stone hut arranged all these colorful wooden figurines in neat rows. I wanted to know if they were for sale. My oldest son was inquiring about them. No one was around to ask.
As my family was strolling the grounds, I spotted this straw hut with a matching fence. At the bottom left, I noticed a stream of light. It just glowed. It made for a good photo.

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Blog # 66 will be posted in December 2023. Be safe & well!

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