Top 10 Photos You Wouldn't Expect Were From A Reenactment-Numbers 1-5

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In last month's blog, I reviewed 5 photos you wouldn't know were taken at an American Revolution reenactment. And this month, I'll discuss my other 5 favorites. These aren't ranked.

I seem to like tin cups? Why, it's a simple subject and always seems to catch my attention. I have a few similar photos and, this is the best. I zoomed in very tight and used ON1 photography software to give it an antique look. What do you think?

Can you guess where this picture is? Hint, I've photographed reenactment events here and, it's one of the most magnificent homes in America. 

I shot it in 2017 at Mt Vernon, a photographer's paradise. I remember constructing this shot vividly. I was in the Lower Garden where the fruits and vegetables are grown, adjacent to the mansion.

In the distance, I noticed sheep grazing with a small shed framed between a bevy of trees, a storage shed, with a bright puffy blue sky. It is the perfect setting and a wonderful photo.

This one I took in 2014 at the Battle of Brandywine is just funny. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

When reviewing all my photo event galleries, I noticed having many excellent horse photos. Why? I have no idea? I've only ridden a horse a few times. And to be honest, I don't want to ride one again. But, they make great subjects.

Do you have any idea where I took this photo? Probably not. I took it in 2016 at Ft Mifflin in Philadelphia. The fort has many underground tunnels. Under the flag pole is this tunnel. At it's entrance, I noticed the sunlight shining brightly. Immediately, I went down to one knee and took a few shots. This one is the best. I knew this would look great in B&W.

Another photo that makes me smile is from the Battle of Short Hills in 2017. This small dog was walking his reenactor owner. His ebullient expression makes this a great photo. After asking to take his picture, I sat on the ground to get on his level. Look closely, and you can see the catchlight (a light source reflected off the surface of the eye) image of me. Photos like this I never forget taking!

Thank you for reading. Blog # 46 will be posted in April 2022. Be safe & well!

Ken Bohrer




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