My Favorite American Revolution Reenactment Cannon Blasts 6-10

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When I started attending American Revolution reenactment events over a decade ago, one of the day's highlights was capturing at least one good cannon blast for those events that included artillery. Usually, I did get at least one good photo. At most reenactments with cannons, their firing usually starts the reenactment. It usually startles all participants, especially young children, and dogs. At my last event, I captured four terrific cannon blasts. Afterward, why not write a blog about my top 10 ones?

I started reviewing all my galleries to find the best ones. I chose 80, possibly good ones to feature. Selecting my best ones was challenging, but I initially chose my top 10. 

10) The photo below is from the Battle of Germantown in 2016After viewing it, a gun crew reenactor told me they had changed their safety procedures. The gun crews didn't realize how far out the blast went. One of my photos helped; such a good feeling.

9) This photo is different from all my other top 10 cannon photos. It was snowing at the Battle of Trenton in 2012. Looking closely, you can see the Chase (the barrel) exuding so much heat that the snow melts. 

8) This photo I've always liked. Part of it it's a simple composition, and the lighting is perfect. It's one of my best earlier photos, from the Assault at Fort Mercer in 2008.

7) After the flame from a cannon blast comes the smoke, most times, it swirls around like a morning fog. At other times it's a ball of fire with small pieces of flaming sparks, like here. This photo is from the Battle of Trenton in 2011. 

6) I often zoom in as closely as possible with my long lens on the cannon burst. If the background is dark, like in this photo from the Battle of Germantown in 2013, I get an almost painting-like effect from the smoke. It almost doesn't look like a photo at first glance.

Thank you for reading! Next month I'll review my top 5 cannon photos.

Blog # 59 will be posted in June 2023. Be safe & well!

Ken Bohrer



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