5 Reasons to Attend an American Revolution Reenactment

February 28, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

February is the month I start preparing for the new American Revolution reenactment year. To start, I'll review two sites, The Continental Line, recreated units representing the Continental Army, and The British Brigade, recreated units that served with the Crown Forces during the American Revolution. You can also find the event schedule for the Great Lakes region The North West Territory Alliance (NWTA).

Luckily, one of my photo friends keeps me updated on future events. The first one usually occurs in April. There are fewer now because of our country's political environment. Many reenactments have now become festivals meaning reenactors are not allowed to fire volleys at each other. Why?

As my photo friend explained, many states in our area have enacted gun laws & that ban face-to-face encounters. So now is the time to attend an American Revolution reenactment while you still can. Here are five reasons why.

1) Learning about our country's beginnings is essential.  Many reenactors are experts on this period of history and are knowledgeable about the battles and 18th century colonial history.

This photo is one of my favorites. I took it at the Battle of Trenton in 2012. The setting was perfect because it was snowing. We all read how difficult it was for Washington and his men to cross the Delaware River. I dressed warmly that day, but it was still cold. Imagine what it must have been like for Washington's army without sufficient clothing and many without shoes. The sacrifices these men made are implausible!

2) You will always meet interesting people. I know many of the reenactors because I've been photographing these events for so long. But at every reenactment, I meet someone new, including spectators. I snapped this reenactor after a cannon demonstration at the Assault at Ft. Mercer 2022 event. Where else can you take a photo like this?

3) There are so many subjects to photograph at a reenactment. Sure, there are the reenactors, camp life, and the reenactments with all the cannons and muskets firing away, But, there is so much more. I saw a reenactor at the Battle of Short Hills 2017, walking this cute, friendly dog and asked if I could take his photo. I sat on the ground, saw those beautiful eyes and inviting smile, and took a few shots. This photo always makes me smile!

4) At most events, there will be children's activities. Many times, it will be drilling the "troops." I always get a laugh watching the kids playing soldiers and the amused adults watching.  I took this photo at the Ft Mifflin 2022 event.

5) At many larger reenactments, sutlers (merchants) will attend to sell their wares. So, if you were seeking 18th-century clothing or shoes, you can find them at these events. Now, some focus to reenactors, and others, such as my friend Ron Mehalko founder of Revolution Wear, cater primarily to spectators since he sells quality merchandise pertinent to the Revolution. This photo is from the Revolutionary Germantown Festival in 2023.

To learn more about the American Revolution, I recommend my friend's site, Harry Schenawolf, Revolutionary War Journal, whose website has a wealth of information on the people involved and battles that make our country's founding so fascinating. He's incorporated many of my photos into his articles. Thanks, Harry!

Thank you for reading! 

Blog # 58 will be posted in April 2023. Be safe & well!

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